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Current Students

TechBrick, formed in early 2003, is an independent robotics and STEM education club for home-schooled, public, and private school students in Harford, Baltimore, and Cecil counties. We have more than 100 active registrations with weekly meetings of children and parents (who are encouraged to stay and participate). Our teams have participated in numerous championships both regionally and at Worlds.

In 2017-18 TechBrick has 80 enrolled students partcipating in FLLJr, FLL, FTC and FRC teams. We have students from more than 30 regional schools.

This Year's FRC Students

Jacob Keeler

Aberdeen High School SMA

"I am interested in this program because my friends told about how much fun it is. Also that i want to learn more about robotics and problem solving."

Joseph Mattson

Aberdeen High School SMA
"As part of the SMA, I have been exposed to lots of programming and robotics. I have developed a great interest in these things, especially the programming side of robotics. Also, many of my fellow students there have recommended the program to me."

Sophia Knap

Aberdeen High School SMA
"I am interested in FTC, because it has been fun for the past two years and very intuitive as well as educating. I would like to proceed this program."

Ry McClure

Patterson Mill

"I want to participate in a program that will allow me to work with programming and engineering in a group environment. In school, these opportunities don't arise often, and at home you don't get experience with a team."

Paul Merkel


"I am hoping to gain experience to use in a STEM related field, and learn about teamwork and leadership."

Erik Wikane

Harford Technical High School
"I would like to join FRC to get a feel for the work environment of professional engineers and how they carry out their work. Another benefit of this program would be the hands-on learning experience it provides as well as opportunities for the future."

TJ Mccartygibson

"I liked it last year. I want to do more programming."

Cole Force


"I have always been interested in engineering and computer science.  Robotics seems like the next logical step in gaining experience in these fields."

Travis Wagner

Aberdeen High School SMA
"I have enjoyed this program and I would like to continue. I would like to further my knowledge in the STEM fields as well."

Abhay Patel

Aberdeen High School SMA

"I heard about this last year from Noah Zbozny and I wanted to be involved in this program to learn about programming a robot and learning how to work as a team to achieve a goal that involves programming and building and wiring a robot."

Billy Dunbar

Kennard-Dale High School
"I am interested in this program because I'm very interested in robotics and am excited to learn more about them. I'm especially interested in the mechanical and electrical engineering aspects as well as programming."

Tabor Uhlig

"It is a great opportunity for developing talents while having fun."

Dominick Paolercio

Aberdeen High School SMA

"I really enjoyed the small portion of robotics that I was exposed to in SRT this year.  I think it would be a great experience to get in-depth, hands on working toward a robotics competition."

Max Cerasoli

Aberdeen High School SMA

"I have wanted to get into robotics for a long time, and would like to get some experience coding robots. I also like enjoy designing and building mechanisms ( I've had some experience with lego mindstorm)."

Kaia Uhlig

"I'm interested in participating in this program because of the experience of working with teammates and leaders, the skills that I can learn from it, and the opportunity to practice responsibility, hard work, and communication with others."

Desmond Mcallister

Edgewood High School
"My son is very interested in the program because he has a great passion to build and create. He is very creative and skillful. He is very motivated and determined. He has the endurance, passion and the competitive nature in him to win."

Shayla Lloyd

Patterson Mill
"I really enjoy working with my hands and trying to see if I can get things to work. I really enjoy working on group projects and working with people that is in my age group that loves science and mathematics as I do."

Kyle Truong

Aberdeen High School SMA

Ian Morrill

Aberdeen High School SMA

"I'd like to be able to further my programming skills alongside other kids that like programming as much as I do. I also would like to learn better building skills, so that I can apply that to building things with my Arduinos that I have at home."

Rebekah Knox

C. Milton Wright
"I want to learn more about robotics."

Adam Antar

Bel Air High School

"We're interested in this program because it seems to be well rounded, serious and it has a local chapter we can attend."

Mohammad Ghaemi

Aberdeen High School SMA

"I wish to progress my knowledge of computer science and robotics by going to this program."

Dillon Capalongo

Aberdeen High School SMA

"I have participated in FTC for two years and enjoyed the experience."

Evan Scarborough

Aberdeen High School SMA

"This kind of program interests me because I would like to major in Computer Science when I can in college. I also think this program would suit my interests because I have always had a fondness of robotics."

Elise Mattson

"I like math and science. I am interested in learning more about robots. This has been recomended to me by mulitiple people so I thought I should try it. "

Joshua Zbozny

Aberdeen High School SMA
"I like programming and engineering, so this seems interesting to me. My brother also did this program and he really enjoyed it, so I think I will too."

Amy Pham

Aberdeen High School SMA
"I have always had an interest in robotics and programming, so participating in FRC will give me an opportunity to exercise these skills."

Colt Merrifield

Kennard-Dale High School

"To gain experience with higher level Robotics. One day I would like to work as a civilian in the military in the field of robotics. I could use my experience to help the military and our country."


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