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10402AZE values time with students and makes it a priority to ensure that each meeting is purposeful, informational, and a stepping- stone to the world of engineering and science. Each day at AZE begins with a meeting involving leaders of each sub-team and mentors prior to other students arriving. They meet to set goals for their respective sub-team and adjust these plans accordingly in order to accommodate the other sub-teams and to inspire teamwork without interfering with each others’ progress.

After plans are made and goals are set, the teams set off to work. They begin with explaining the daily plan to the teammates, allowing them to assign tasks internally. The teams begin their work, coming together with the rest of their team as well as with the other sub-teams in order to achieve the teams’ overall goal. With each meeting, the team gets closer and closer to completing the robot to function at its best ability. We adjust according to what is currently going on in respect to the robot itself, its programming, its electrical systems, and other various tasks.

Once the robot is complete on the final build day, we look ahead to competitions. Working hard and enthusiastically to make all of our work count, we carefully plan out our strategy. Once the season is over, no matter the outcome, we continue to meet in order to wrap up the year with what we could have done better and what goals we should set for next year. We clean up most of our work space, and continue to meet off-season to begin next year’s robot as well as team planning.

TechBrick Robotics
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