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Marco is the Executive Director of TechBrick robotics. He helped start the first teams in 2003-04 from the home school community and has helped the program grow to include students from nearly every public and private school in our county and surrounding areas. He runs Enktesis (, a marketing communications firm, that provides a wide range of commmunications services for clients in the region.

Tim Mermagen, an Electronics Engineer with the Department of Defense, specializing in acoustical engineering. As a mentor for team 3941, he enjoys assisting students with the design process and helping the plan come to life. Outside of robotics, he also enjoys antique shopping.

Caitlyn Byrne, a Lead Information Systems engineer at the MITRE Corporation, is going into her fourth year as a mentor for team 3941. She was introduced to robotics in college and has been involved with numerous teams including a First Lego League Team, as well as FRC 3941. She has a myriad of interests in fields relating to robotics, including 3D printing and officiating at FIRST competitions.

Tyrone Schwenk is a Mechanical Engineer at Raytheon. He directs the team and brings the team together through teamwork and leadership activities. As well as working with individual skills, he also shares his wealth of engineering knowledge through interactive mediums like presentations and hands-on demonstrations. He first learned about FIRST after attending a Creo clinic held at APG.

Larry Kenney is a Systems Engineer at Raytheon. He works with game strategy and with the overall team. Working with FIRST for twelve years, he has been a great asset to our team.

Sherry Merrifield is a teacher and administrator in the Baltimore County school system. She got involved when her son joined the team two years ago. She loves working with the students in FRC and finds the work interesting.

Richard Becker develops models and code for high rate impact simulations for the US Army Research Laboratory. he has been a part of FRC for six years and was introduced to the program at an FRC open house in 2012. Using his skills primarily with the Mechanical sub-team, he works to get everyone involved and learning.

TechBrick Robotics
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