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Nearing the end of the build season, the team used today to test and adjust the robot to its final condition. The Mechanical team completed a myriad of finalizing measures to complete the robot, including putting finishing touches on the hands. The Programming team began to test their auto code with a prototype robot, preparing the code for the first competition. The Media team planned out and assisted in the design of the side and back panels. After receiving the votes on shirt themes, the blue circuit board design came out on top, and this design will adorn our shirts as well as our robot. The team came together and watched a live-stream of a qualifier to get an idea on the capabilities and the strategy of other teams.

1166Today the the team came together to work on improving the robot in preparation for the inocming "Stop Build Day" on February 22nd. The team created model bumpers out of wood to get exact measurements to fit and protect the contours of the robot. Another task that was completed today was substituting in locknuts on the robot to help with stability issues we may face on the field. The Electrical team mounted pnuematics to the electrical board and labeled wires for organizational purposes. The Media team measured out possible places where we can add panels to display our themed design and sponsors.

10769 1Today, each sub-team worked hard toward new goals and put their concepts and ideas into action. The Programming team completed coding for the aesthetics on the robot which include LED lights and began working on repairing communications between the Rio and Arduino. The Mechanical team threaded parts to complete one of the hand mechanisms. They were able to test their intake wheels on the hand using motors, and after a successful trial, they began working on the second hand.

Taking into consideration the frame restrictions, the team had to brainstorm ideas for moving the hand inside of the frame at the beginning of the match, as well as moving it back out to operate during the match. The Media team continued work on the website as well as reviewing the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award requirements in preparation for nominating a mentor.

11412Tonight, the Mechanical team designed the robot's arm. The Mechanical team   Programming team resumed their progress on auto. The Media team wrote articles and helped out the Mechanical team. Testing the electrical board, the Electrical team encountered a few issues, which were soon resolved after a faulty motor controller. They attached the super VRM to the electrical board. Testing and naming the programming database was another accomplishment of the Mechanical team.

0125182021aThe meeting tonight consisted of the various teams finishing their tasks and moving along to new projects. The mechanical team made progress on bringing together the various elements of the lift. The lift will manipulate the power cubes, and space management had to be considered and planned out prior to construction. Using the new prototype kit, the Mechanical team worked toward linking the hand apparatus to the lifting mechanism. Some of the Mechanical team members removed motor controllers from last year’s robot for this year’s use, as our robot is expected to require about 12 motor controllers. The programming team fixed the auto code by generating generic code templates, testing the code in the designated area with a prototype robot. The Media team also made progress on their art project as well as doing the daily blog and adding new team and student photos.

11297Today, the Mechanical team made progress toward the finishing of the hands and began to map out the design for the “grabber”. The Media team reviewed awards to apply to next from the FIRST website, they also took lots of photos for the website. The Programming team worked out the logistics of possible lights on our bumpers to represent our team. The Electrical team worked out cutting the electrical boards and connected the components of the board as needed.


The Programming team recommenced their work on the three differents sets of autonomous code in order for the the robot to be able to operate independently during the first fifteen seconds of the match. The Mechanical and Electrical teams worked alongside each other in disassembling the prototype arm from the robot. They then began to work on building the new arm with the dummy wheels they recently acquired. As they did this, the Media team continued in finishing student and mentor bios along with setting up new content on the website.

11258At tonight’s meeting, each sub-team began putting the finishing touches on their projects as we near the end of the build season. The Mechanical sub-team began transferring the lifter from the prototype to the final robot. The Mechanical team also began stabilizing the lifter with “fingers”. The Electrical team finished the CAN loop and worked on stripping the wiring to feed into the PDP. Other students also grouped together to create the new set of bumpers for the competition and worked out a design to match this year’s theme.


Team 3941’s meeting today consisted of working with new materials and using acquired skills. The Programming team continued their work with their autonomous code using the prototype. They are coding for the first 15 seconds of the match when the robot must move completely independently. It is important to note that the programmers need to prepare for each starting position on the field, which means setting up three different sets of autonomous code. The Mechanical team unboxed new materials for prototyping. After filing down and cutting the pieces, they then got together to discuss how they would attach the lifter to the frame in a way that will provide the most support for the power cubes while they are being manipulated. The Media team went out into the workshop to discuss the issues of the robot design with the Mechanical team, then added new content to the website.

unnamed 1Submitting the Woodie Flowers Award was an exciting part of tonight for the Media team. They updated content on the site, brainstormed creative giveaways for the competitions, and discussed plans for tomorrow. The Electrical team began drilling a series of holes with a holesaw for the wiring of the robot. Mechanical team did a number of things today including fixing the assembly, attaching pneumatic pieces, and discovered flaws in the design of the fingers and putting the new ones under construction. They also successfully tested grabbing a cube with the pneumatics. The Programming team was able to make the lifter and brake work!


At today’s meeting, the sub-teams perfected and built on skills they have developed. The Mechanical sub-team continued their work on mounting the wheel intakes to the end of the hand mechanism. They also began building the basic parts of the elevator that will lift the power cubes during match play. On the Programming side, the sub-team worked out issues in the autonomous code by troubleshooting measurement inconsistencies through trials with a prototype. The Media team continued ongoing work on the website, such as adding photos to dailies, interviewing students, and taking photos. The Media team also began a new project that will ensure our cheese ball containers will not go to waste. By the end of the night, the Mechanical team had tested their intake wheels, the Programming team worked out most of their coding trouble, and the Media team further updated the website with today’s content.

11218Electrical mounted the left board! They then continued the wire after removing it again. Deciding as a team, they put the power switch on the central board and cut new lengths of wire. Additionally, the Electrical team fit the blow off valve to the compressor using Teflon tape. Mechanical team placed tire tread like material on the inside and outside of the hand, attaching the part with the wheels to the main body of the hands. This material keeps the hand from rotating too far in or out. The Media team added content onto the website and finished up the Woodie Flowers award. Members of the Programming team worked on the vision aspects and fixed certain issues with the electromotive positionary translator. 


At today’s meeting, each sub-team began new tasks that will prove to be vital in the competition season. The Media team interviewed and wrote bios for the mentors that will be uploaded to the website. They also learned about modules like photo sliders and their role in building the website. The programmers began the day gathering points for the auto code, then moved to utilizing a robot prototype to test and adjust these points to perfect the auto code. The Mechanical team discussed the weight limit, weight distribution in relation to the movement of the robot, and other weight management issues, using a CADD drawing as well as a spreadsheet to map out where changes can be made.

111791Developing the electromotive super-lifter code, the Programming team encountered many issues. However, they are resolute in overcoming the challenges and finding solutions. The Mechanical team completed the construction of the hands and the intake wheels. The Media team caught up on updating the info on the website and continued in their progress of award submissions.

DailyPhoto118At today’s meeting, both the Mechanical and Programming teams continued to build on their ideas and plans for the robot this season. After deciding on the logistics of the intake mechanism, the Mechanical team mounted the mechanism to the arms of the robot, which will be connected with belts and a system of wheels. The Programming team perfected the vision processing code through multiple trials with the robot prototype. Before closing for the night, the team began the process of deciding on which team members would be on the drive teams, and what role they will fulfill.

1517536818753Programming was successful in creating auto. They then worked on the gripper to hold the box in auto and attempted in making the lifter work. The Mechanical team worked on creating a new slide carriage for the hand and attatchment for the pneumatic used for storing the hand. They also attached different aspects of the robot onto it and created the battery mount. Electrical accomplished a number of things today including attaching motor controllers to the right board, re-wired the main board, and designed a mount system for super VRM. Media wrote, edited, and rewrote the essay for the Woodie Flowers Award. They also worked on bios, Dailies, and had a group meeting.


The day began with the Mechanical team taking apart their prototype for the four-bar linkage lift on their robot. After hashing through future plans, the mechanical team then finished mounting intake wheels for the hand. The Programming team then began testing their work with a different prototype robot. Testing their autonomous and vision code, the team worked through issues and adjusted accordingly. On the website, the Media team worked toward filling the website with content and formatting as well as adding a slider using a module on Joomla.

0129182026cComing to a final decision on the electrical boards, the Electrical team finished the back board and have started on the side panel. They also planned a thrid board for the bottom, where the motor controllers will also be. The Mechanical team finished the churro attatchment for pnuematic mounting. However, they encountered a problem and were able to solve it by shifting a few things around. The Programming team continued in their work for the autonomous code and other projects. The Media team did the Daily along with website updates. The Woodie Flower Award was their main focus, as the essay for it is due on February 8th. 

DailyPhoto116The team worked as one to make critical decisions about the future of the robot, including a vote that decided between a four-bar linkage and a lift to manipulate cubes on the field. After various consideration, the team decided to build a lift for the competition robot, favoring its mobility and flexibility for design. The Mechanical team then worked on space management on the frame of the robot, decided which components are necessary and how to most efficiently space them out. The Programming team built on their previous work on autonomous code and robot aesthetics as well as beginning to plan for the lift.

unnamedThe Electrical team completely redesigned the electrical board due to a few problems they encountered, but figured out a solution to the problem and are moving forward with that in mind. An aspect of the "hand" of the robot was created and the measurements for the pneumatic mount in for the hand was taken by the Mechanical team. The Media team worked on the Dailies and other aspects of the website. They also helped out the Mechanical team in some of their work. The Programming team made progress on the auto code modular.

DailyPhoto113Today, the mechanical and programming teams worked to plan and experiment with ideas for the robot. On the mechanical team, members worked to attach wheels to an apparatus for lifting power cubes and then belting these wheels together and adding a motor to make the process of lifting cohesive and operable from the driver’s station. Mechanical team members also built mounts for the intake wheels that are an integral part to the robot. The programming sub-team created new autonomous code options that will be necessary for the competition. The team collaborated to take measurements in order to properly map out the autonomous options. Through creating this code, the team improved their skills in C++. After composing the autonomous code, the team then split up to test ideas for an aesthetic for the robot and to mount an elevator to a test-bot used to put code into action.

giphyAt tonight’s meeting, the sub-teams worked diligently to employ their new ideas and concepts to improve work they had completed earlier in the build season. The Programming team successfully finished coding for the aesthetic lights that will adorn the robot at our competitions. The colors available are orange and a combination of all of team 3941’s colors together on the same string of LEDs. The Mechanical team divided up work between constructing the second hand and planning for the placement of tubing on the robot that will power the hand. A few members of the Mechanical Team also broke off into creating the electrical board, making the Electrical sub-team. The Media team’s night involved beginning to write out the Woodie Flowers Award Nomination - observing the guidelines and prompt.


The sub-teams came together today to brainstorm ideas for how the robots will receive, lift, and place the power cubes in the most efficient way possible. Keeping in mind the height restrictions and the required reach, the team evaluated and eliminated designs until reaching a consensus on a single design. The Mechanical team then put their plans into action and worked off of a previously design element of a robot to fit the tasks of the new challenge. The team created a lift which can collapse into the size limit (55 inches at the start of the match) and still reach up to the scale game piece (about ten feet high) to place power cubes. The Programming team discussed the logistics of the code that will be required to allow the lift to seamlessly ascend and descend as well as lift and drop power cubes.

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