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10409FIRST Robotics Competition Team 3941, Absolute Zero Electricity (AZE) is a robotics team for students from 8th grade through high school based in Aberdeen, MD. AZE was founded as a part of the TechBrick robotics program. Even though this is only our third season of FRC involvement, we have already learned more engineering concepts than we ever thought possible, reached out to our community in dozens of ways, and established a team that will become a driving force of engineering and technology for years to come.

Structure, values, and giving back to the community are all integral parts of our existence. We strive to bring the world of engineering and technology to our community and our world and seek corporate sponsorships to maximize our impact locally and globally.

TechBrick Robotics
Forest Hill, MD USA
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD USA

TechBrick Program Contact
Marco Ciavolino

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