Welcome to the official website for FRC Team 3941: Absolute Zero Electricity.

AZE was founded in 2013 as TechBrick Robotics’ first-ever FRC team.

Since its inception, AZE has hosted young engineers and supported them through interactive learning experiences. It is our mission to spread the values and ethics of FIRST Robotics to our community and beyond. Complementing our devotion to science, technology, engineering, and math is our competitive drive and passionate for education. We go far beyond the six weeks of robot construction and competition events, as we strive to make a lasting impact on the future engineers we promote.

We make sure that every student involved is actively engaged in a learning experience that delves into future engineering endeavours. We often host experienced engineers to present to and engage our students, teaching them additional information about the engineering field. Not only have we encouraged an environment of rigorous academic work, but we have also directed a program that fulfills our social responsibility to our community. We teach students how to engage in work environments in order to improve on existing ideas. This, in our opinion, is the basis of engineering and problem-solving in general; so as a new installment this year, we have created a Board of Directors, consisting of veteran TechBrick members, who will take on a leadership role and administrative responsibilities. We are well-equipped and presence to take on the challenges that await us in the upcoming seasons.

TechBrick Robotics
Forest Hill, MD USA
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD USA

TechBrick Program Contact
Marco Ciavolino

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