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PTC CReo Grant Submission

Wyatt, our lead PTC Creo programmer for 2014-15, discusses the advantages of design before build and PTC Creo helped us succeed at that this past year.

2014 Chairman’s Award Video

Bag & Tag Day 2014!

Off Season 2013

Kelvin in the Beauty and the Beast Ballet

Build Season 2013

US FIRST Worlds Wrap-Up (By US FIRST)

2013 Worlds Galileo Match #52 – AZE for the Win!

2013 Chairman’s Award Video

Fun with the Ram Mascot at the Chesapeake Regional

Reaction for winning the Engineering Inspiration Award at the Baltimore Convention Center

Washington D.C. Regional Photo Booth

Bag & Tag Day 2013!

Harlem Shake

The Evolution of the Arm Shooter


2013 FRC Season Mash Up #3


2013 FRC Season Mash Up #1


TechBrick Time Lapse

2013 FRC Season Mash Up #2


Mecanum Drive Train Prototype #1


Frisbee Shooter Prototype #2 


Frisbee Shooter Prototype #1


TechBrick Robotics Shoots First Pitch @ Aberdeen Ironbirds Game



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