Promoting STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) to our community is a big part of who we are as FRC 3941. We have organized and facilitated a number of activities and demonstrations that have gotten others involved in STEM in creative and fun ways. Below are our annual outreach events. Click the years for a more detailed list of that year’s outreach.

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TechBrick Robotics has been invited each year to throw out the first pitch at an Aberdeen Ironbirds’ game at Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen, MD.


Each year, Techbrick hosts a Sea Perch underwater robot competition for students at local schools and Boys and Girls Clubs. These competitions involved only a few weeks of robot prep and an extremely low budget, but taught all involved a lot about precision, test and evaluation, and other engineering skills.

FLL Mentoring

Many members of Absolute Zero Electricity are also mentors for FIRST Lego League teams. Our reach now extends outside of TechBrick to FLL teams at local Boys and Girls Clubs and at the Maryland School for the Blind.


Each fall, APG hosts a Boy Scouts Merit Badge work day. One of the Merit Badges offered was the Robotics Merit Badge. TechBrick was asked to teach this badge. To earn the badge the boys have to do many things, including learning about potential safety hazards involved with building a robot, what jobs are out there in the field of robotics and they also have to build a robot.

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