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Apr 13

Traveling to Worlds: April 23-25

Hey y’all! AZE is getting all geared up for Worlds, and having a blast just getting there! Travel started with the pit crew Tuesday night…most of the rest of us headed out this morning in three groups.

The first group was intent upon conquest as they went. They captured West Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana in the name of TechBrick Robotics, all the while taking note of weird biscuit places, weird town names, and the weird fact that the far country actually has roads. *gasp!*

The Happy Travelers of Group 1!

The Happy Travelers of Group 1

We claim this state...

We claim this state…in the name of TechBrick!!!


We built this lunch on biscuits.

West Virginia has ROADS

West Virginia ACTUALLY HAS ROADS….whoa.  😯

Group 2 had just as much fun, enjoying the scenery and even trying their hand at Harley driving while in the country valleys of West Virginia.

Group 2 Travelers

Group 2 Travelers

Got my rider game on...

I was born to ride this thing…maybe not?

The final group went about happily as they went. They stopped off at the many rest stops between MD and MO, and did as travelers do. Who knew that road trips could be this fun? All in all, we’re having a blast, and greatly anticipating the competition’s official start tomorrow.

See you in St. Louie! 

Apr 12

April 21, 2012 — Last Meeting Before Worlds!!!

Today’s final meet before the championships was a fun-filled meeting, but nostalgic as well. It was exciting to prepare for the largest competition experience any of us have ever had, but it was also wistful as we said a temporary goodbye to those members unable to go to St. Louis.

A lot of the time was spent calibrating the ball shooter. Most of the mechanically-oriented members ran test after test after test trying to fine-tune the shooter to optimum performance.

We also finalized our scouting sheet (and thus, scouting methods). The drive team put together a sheet that efficiently and quantitatively covers exactly what we need to know.

We also had one last debrief on logistics and a preparation for our “judges’ interview.” Rookie teams may not have an official interview, but we need to be sure to put our best foot forward when presenting ourselves to any judge that wants to talk with us.

Next stop, St. Louis!! Prep season may be over, but THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!!!

Apr 12

April 19, 2012

Once again, we met from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM.  After re-wiring some of the shooter and loosening the axle shafts, we got the shooter working. Then we spent time testing the shooter’s range. Some people also spent more time working on the pit tool box.

Apr 12

April 16, 2012

Today, we packed most of what we need for worlds, and sent the team notebook to the printers. The notebook now includes information on recent events (such as the bristle-bot workshop) and what the judges had to say about us at the Chesapeake regional. It’s now 70 pages larger than before! Most of the meeting was spent practicing shooting at different angles. Since not everyone can practice at once, many of the team members were occupied with FTC duties. We also painted our large wooden tool kit that we’ll keep in the pits.

Apr 12

April 14, 2012

Today, our team continued working on the shooter. Many of us came early to fix the problems left from Thursday. They were also able to practice shooting. The animation team made some major changes to our rookie all star award video. (The judges are gonna love it!)

Working on the shooter.

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