Category: Build Season: 2014

Mar 14

March 22nd

Hello everyone! Today the Programming Team updated the driver’s station code base, made several small changes to the test bot and fought a vicious battle with the 3D printer in an effort to make it print our trophies! We intend on giving awards to other teams at the competition but our printer is fighting us! If it refuses to cooperate, we’ll do certificates, but I think we both know which one’s cooler! We’ll see if the Programming Team can work their magic! The Mechanical Team made spare parts for the loading arm, reviewed pit set up and helped Media Team with the robot informational flyer! The Media Team worked on the Chairman’s Award interview visual aid, scouting protocols, updated the website and of course: The Notebook!!Kaden and Mitchell working on...Stuff!

Mar 14

March 11th

So tonight the scale arrived! Now we can finally accurately weigh the robot! It came out to be 124 pounds, which is 4 pounds over the limit. All is well though! It won’t be hard to get down to 119 pounds! We intend to remove two air storage tanks, reduce several of the 1/8 ” aluminum frame piece to 1/16″ wall thickness and put large holes in a few non-essential components. ¬†Plus there is quite a bit of time before competition! The Electrical Team rebuild the driver station, including adding LEDs and reducing the weight greatly. The robot cart was outfitted with new wheels and supports to accommodate blAZE’s size. The Media Team continued on the push to complete the notebook as well as preparing the Chairman’s Award interview. Media Team also worked with the Programming to continue to plan and design the 3-D Trophies that we hope to print out and give to other teams at competition!

Wish us luck! And good luck to all the other teams around the world!

Mar 14

March 4th

Today we worked on several last minute items for the robot.

The Mechanical Team assembled a new roller mechanism that will be installed on the robot prior to competition and designed a new mounting bracket for the loading arm. They also tested several treads for the robot wheels.

The Programming Team put finishing touches on the robot code.

The Media Team formatted and divided the notebook, worked on a design for buttons that we will pass out at the competition, worked on Chairman’s Award interviews, and accidentally printed 100 notesheets.



Feb 14

February 25th

Hey everyone!

So this was the first meeting in the “off-build season”!

The Programming Team helped the Media team begin to create some awards that we’ll design and print on a 3D printer! We’ll then take them to competitions and hand them out to the teams who display the characteristics that we’re looking in the awards!

Media Team also worked on the Media and Technology and Innovation Award for the upcoming deadline. We are all getting excited for our first competition in 5 weeks!

Feb 14

February 18th

Bag and Tag!

Featuring… blAZE and Thomas!



Today was the final day of the 2013-2014 build season!

There was an open house for all the divisions of FLL, FTC, and FRC of TechBrick for parents and family to come and see what we have all been doing and we had some of the students talk about their experience this year.

After all the family members of TechBrick students had their first taste of blAZE and the rest of the robots, they departed while the team stayed behind to make the last finishing touches on blAZE and to bag (him or her?) up until we meet again in a few weeks!

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