Category: Off-Season: 2014

Sep 14

September 20th

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We arrived at the Battle of Baltimore at approximately 7:30 am on September 20th and began

unloading and setting up the pits. We had a group split off and go to the stands and get spots for

the team. The team members in the pits started getting the robot, “Blaze,” ready for a practice

By the time we were done getting the bumpers on and making sure the robot was ready to

run, the first matches were already starting. Everyone except for the drive team went to the stands

to watch the first matches and help scout out possible alliance partners. The drive team left and went

in the match cue.

09-36-35 BoB2014-2014-09-21 MC-341IMG_284007-43-03 BoB2014-2014-09-21 MC-106IMG_2605

Throughout the day the robot ran great! There were no software problems and no

electrical problems. Although, in one match our robot was hit so hard that our pawl came out of

place so we could not wind back our shooter. We made a temporary fix that lasted the rest of the day.

The Battle of Baltimore rules were changed so that every team was able to compete in

finals. We competed in a couple rounds before our alliance was eliminated. We took down the pits

and loaded the car at around 5:00 pm. We hung around outside and arranged for the drive home.



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