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May 13

FIRST World Championships: April 25-28

AZE - 2nd Place!

Rank After Day 1

Wow! Team 3941’s trip to Worlds was tons of work, but was totally worth, and turned out so much better than expected! We were in the Galileo division (one of the four FRC Worlds divisions)…the hardest division there was this year. The competition was stiff, but our bot Kelvin worked perfectly every time!

Aaron Wants You...

Our strategies ranged from impressive defense to sheer full-court offense; we scored 70 points ourselves at least one match! The end of the day on the 25th, AZE was in second place!

Although our mentor Aaron couldn’t be there with us in St. Louis, we had his presence constantly with us…in poster form.

When it was all said and done, we were 36th out of the 100 teams in our division. Not too shabby for a second-year team, and completely in line with TechBrick’s standards of excellence.

Check out the pics of the competition below. To learn even more about our trip to Worlds, check out this page and our video gallery.








Talking to Judge








Apr 13

Chesapeake Regional, April 11-13: Engineering Inspiration Winners!

Whoa…when we went to the Chesapeake Regional again this year, there was no way we could have expected the results! Our robot, Kelvin (due to our amazing pit crew) did sooooo much better than before. We were scoring 40+ points on our own, nailing 3 disk autonomous modes, and having a blast screaming and cheering every time it competed! The emcee even noticed how loud we were! Our rankings ranged from 34th early on, to 6th, to 4th, to 8th, to 14th (after 329 beat us handily…they are awesome), to eventually 17th when it was all said and done. We didn’t get picked for eliminations, but were proud of our performance. Here’s a screen shot one of our scouts took of her phone on Friday when we were in 6th place.


Kelvin was totally awesome, and looked super-pro with its new and improved loader. We held our own from match to match!

Kelvin on the field!

We even had a blast just eating lunch at Subway and Jimmy John’s! We were convinced that the Baltimore City Department of Transportation saw us coming…


At the end of the day, we were exhausted, hoarse, and pretty nervous. We had applied for the Chairman’s Award (the most prestigious award in FIRST Robotics) at Chesapeake, and were confident in our submission, but were still sitting on pins and needles the entire awards ceremony. As it got time for the announcements for the last two awards–Engineering Inspiration and Chairman’s, both of which come with invitations to the World Championships–we began to look something like this (see video): đŸ˜‰

So, we won Engineering Inspiration, and WE’RE GOING TO WORLDS!!! Yeeee-haaah!!!

Engineering Inspiration Winners!

Apr 13

April 8th

It’s so hard to believe there are only 3 more days until the Chesapeake Regional!!! We’re still hard at work, machining Frisbee loaders, practicing Chairman’s Award interviews, working out the final kinks in our scouting sheets, and more. Our Chairman’s video has reached its final stages too…the process is so exciting!

A live webcast of the Chesapeake Regional is being broadcast here: on April 12-13, starting at 8:30 am each day.

Apr 13

Washington DC Regional March 27th-30th

So.. We have a bunch of pictures from the DC Regional! Would you guys like to see them? Who am I kidding of course you do! Here we go!


First Match at DC

This is a picture of the first match at the DC Regional! Guess who was in it? Team 3941! We were pumped up and ready to go! We started off the day pulsing electricity throughout the competition!

Robobee's 3 point climber

I know that this picture is very low quality but you can kind of see a robot on the 3rd level of the pyramid! That’s the Robobees! It was awesome seeing it climb to the top!

Finals- DC Regional

Here are the final 6 teams, about to play the match that determines who goes to Worlds! Teams 379, 383 and 79 ended up winning! It was quite a finale if I must say so myself!

Convention Center Artwork

The Convention Center has some really cool artwork!


The Convention Center and the church we were staying at was right next to Chinatown!

Mar 13

March 21st

Wow…there are only a few more meetings left until our first regional! The team today has completed our practice robot and started practicing with the shooter’s targeting system. There are still a few kinks to work out, but we can overcome! The media folks had fun too, working on blogs, notebooks, and our Media and Technology Innovation Award Submission. All in all, today’s meet was great. đŸ™‚

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