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Welcome to the official website for FRC Team 3941: Absolute Zero Electricity.  AZE was founded in 2012 as TechBrick Robotics’ first-ever FRC team. Over the past three years, our team has become a fighting force of ingenuity, innovation, and teamwork to spread the message of FIRST Robotics to our community and beyond.  Pairing our devotion to science, technology, engineering, math,  with our competitive drive and passionate for education, we go far beyond the six weeks of robot construction, and even beyond our competition event.  Every hour of every day, we are compelling force of life and energy, drawing in everyone around us.  We are always looking for ways to improve; so as a new installment this year, we have created a Board of Directors, consisting of veteran TechBrick members, who will take on a leadership role and administrative responsibilities.  We are ready to take on the challenges that await us in the upcoming season.


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